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VCO35 | 35 Gallon Desolvating & Decarb Vacuum Reactor

The VCO Series is a series of thoughtfully designed, stainless steel, full vacuum rated reactors that are specially engineered for enhanced solvent recovery performance. Available in multiple sizes, the VCO systems can be used to perform bulk solvent recovery, residual solvent stripping, and decarb all in the same vessel.

Able to perform other critical processing steps like winterization and crystallization, the VCO systems are the ideal lab multitool.

The core of the VCO systems is a versatile, stainless steel, jacketed vacuum reactor designed to support multiple extraction and refining processes. Enhanced features like the powerful explosion proof agitator, efficient solvent condenser, and integrated solvent collection system enable recovery rates of up to 80 LPH of ethanol.

Additional uses for the VCO systems include decarboxylation, winterization, crystallization, terpene stripping, homogenizing extracts and flavorings, blending multiple batches of extracts, and creating tinctures.

Whatever your needs, the VCO helps maximize your facility’s production.

VCO35 Features

  • 35 Gallon, full vacuum rated, dimpled heat transfer jacketed, stainless steel reactor
  • Integrated solvent vapor condenser
  • 45 L Solvent collection reservoir collects and stores recovered solvent from the condenser
  • Side-Mounted, Industrial agitator driven by C1D1 group D explosion-proof motor
  • Stainless frame for easy setup and implementation
  • System Dimensions: 31″W x 53″L x 68″H


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