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Twister T4 Variable Speed Triple Bud Trimming Machine & Leaf Collector System


About the Twister T4

We know how tedious trimming can get. You cannot be fast and precise at the same time.

But the Twister T4 Variable Speed Trimmer changes all that.

With its speed control, you can have your buds trimmed the way you want them.

Want it fast? Turn up the speed of the blades and tumbler.

Want it gentle? Lower your tumbler speed.

Because you can calibrate the Twister T4 Trimmers’ settings, you get nothing but the best trims that meet your high standards. 

The Twister T4 Trimmers also uses SoftTumble Technology, which ensures your buds receive minimal impact with decreased wall crawl and tumble distance. Safely trim up to 16 pounds of dry buds or 51 pounds of wet buds in an hour

Focus more on expanding your business, and let the Twister T4 Trimmers handle the delicates.

Speaking of expanding, Did you know you can attach the Twister T4 Trimmers with other T4 trimmers for better performance. You will be blown away by how T4 trimmers work together.

The Twister T4 Trimmers also includes a single tumbler for both dry and wet buds, so no need to switch.

This package features the standard leaf collector. Want more performance?

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