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The Ozone Pro

The Ozone Pro is a software-controlled water sterilization system for recycled irrigation wastewater and is key to improving the bottom line.  The Ozone Pro can be customized to suit the grower’s specific needs, like water flow rates. Ensure the crop has fresh, clean, purified water with every irrigation.

  • Thousands of times faster and more powerful than chlorination
  • Ozone dissipates within minutes to reoxygenate the water
  • Unlike UV technology, the variable injection of ozone eliminates inorganic and organic contaminants such as algae
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Biofilm is a slimy scale that grows in irrigation equipment for almost all growing operations. This film can clog emitters and cause crop failure or variations in the crop because of partial clogging.


  • The Ozone Pro destroys biofilm and allows for recycling of water
  • The Ozone Pro also adds needed oxygen to the roots of the crops
  • Recycling leachate reduces fertilization costs



The Ozone Pro water treatment technology for leachate complies with environmental regulations and will give the grower the following benefits:


  • Reduced fertilizer costs of 40% and water savings of 30%
  • An increase in crop yields by as much as 10%
  • Lower power consumption and operating costs
  • No chemical residue left in the water
  • Higher residual oxygen in the water for stronger, healthier roots
  • Removal of bacteria, viruses and algae from the recycled nutrient water


The process of dissolved ozone in the water kills any bacteria, viruses, and pathogens resulting in clean, sterilized leachate.




The CCS-SW80 Plasma Ozone technology is ideal for sterilizing irrigation wastewater for all crops, indoor and out. The ozone water treatment systems are available for water flow rates from 10 U.S. GPM to 1000 U.S. GPM. Each system is custom-designed to suit any specific flow rate.


The process of dissolving ozone with patented Nano-Bubble technology into the water kills any bacteria, viruses and pathogens resulting in clean sterilized water for blending with fresh water before it is treated by the fertilizer treatment system as it is sent to the plants.


The residual ozone in the water not only sterilizes but also provides enriched dissolved oxygen in the irrigation water which is very beneficial for plant growth.





The Run Time Schedule screen allows the grower to set the time period to run the Ozone Pro system over the 24-hour day.



The Meters screen displays ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), conductivity, pH, temperature and water levels in the related tanks. All readings are displayed on each LCD display and on the computer screen. Meters can be programmed to show up on the main screen as required. Each meter can be labeled by a specific tank name for easy identification.



The Ozone Pro screen gives an overall view of the system status and schedule. The green indicator lights on the right side of the screen indicate that all functions are normal. If the indicator lights turn red, it indicates a fault function within the system.



The Maintenance screen displays the function of the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) Sensor, Filter, Air Dryer and Molecular Sieve Cylinders.



The Set-Up screen allows the grower to program the meters required for the system. (1) System Settings are for the setpoints for the ORP meter/controller and the Water Flow Meter Settings. (2) Meter Configuration programs specific meters in or out of the program. (3) Timer Delays preset the Oxygen, Ozone and Pump delays. (4) Alarm