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The Climate Manager™

The Climate Manager™ is a process control system capable of controlling and monitoring multiple indoor operations. It gives the grower the ability to access data and control equipment over the Internet through any computer or mobile device.



The Climate Manager™ works around the clock to optimize the indoor climate, to increase crop yields, reduce energy costs and protect the indoor environment against harsh weather conditions.




Mold is one of every growers’ biggest concerns. Mold is caused by the moisture in the air condensing on plant leaves. This can cause complete crop failure and decrease crop value.


The Climate Manager™ allows the grower to control the environment by vapour pressure deficit. By using this feature the grower can keep the crop in the best growing zone, and out of the mold zone.




The Main Screen Display outlines the overall climate conditions within all growing compartments which allows growers a quick glance of accurate and real-time data for the following conditions:


  • Displays moisture levels in substrate growing medium for irrigation starts
  • Temperature and humidity conditions in all growing compartments
  • Irrigation and fertigation schedule EC, pH and water flow readings
  • Displays all vent positions, louver positions and cooling fan activity
  • Displays solar levels for irrigation triggers and solar EC corrections
  • Additional zones can be displayed on subsequent pages
  • CO2 levels in each growing compartment
  • Displays up to 16 zones and is expandable to 32 zones




  • Simple and easy to use software programs for raising vegetable/flower crops
  • CO2 programs for gas burners, CO2 boiler recovery or liquid CO2 systems
  • Heating and cooling programs for hot water, steam or hot air heater
  • Ethernet/Internet access from a computer or mobile device
  • Weather station, solar, rain, wind and temperature programs
  • Day and night temperature and humidity programs
  • Temperature ramping with solar temperature programs
  • Lighting and shading programs




  • Irrigation management and drain water recycling programs
  • Solar, rain, wind, temperature weather programs
  • Time and solar irrigation start programs
  • Multiple irrigation programs
  • Multi-zone misting programs
  • Solar radiation program



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