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The Lighting Solution for Optimal Growth

The TG-100HVR vertical bar style fixture is designed for large scale commercial growing. No on-board ballasts allow for unlimited flexibility in layout design, remove heat from the grow room and result in easy installation, simplified maintenance and unparalleled performance and control.


  • No Local Ballast
  • Removes Heat from Growing Area          
  • Plug n’play replacement, simplified maintenance
  • Tunable Power to Meet All DLI Needs (TLI)
  • Daisy-chained            
  • Ideal for High DLI Crops such as Cannabis
  • Perfect for Vertical Applications
  • A Variety of Configurations   
  • Centralized Troubleshooting and Maintenance – no need for additional dimming wire installation   
  • Highly Efficient and Cost Effective   
  • Full Spectrum       
  • Zone, Local, and Cloud Control



up to 3000 µmol/s

Input Power 1000 W
Efficacy up to 3 µmol/j
Dimming 0 – 100%
Operating Temperature -20ºC to 40ºC
Thermal Management Passive
Ballast Remote
Weight 18 lbs.
Spectrum Full
Heat Output 0-3414 BTU/hr
Warranty 3-5 years


  • White Lightening (WL3S)
  • White Lightening (WL)
  • Veg Spectrum (VS)
  • Flower Power Spectrum (FP)



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