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Sub-Zero Grinder

The Revolution Sub-Zero cannabis grinder delivers a homogenous, consistent grind, optimal for evenly packed pre-rolls and high-yield extraction. Suitable for dry/cured or cryogenically frozen flowers, the reimagined Sub-Zero prevents subsequent degradation of volatile terpenes, trichomes, and cannabinoid profiles by grinding in a low temperature-controlled environment. 

The Revolution Sub-Zero is based on STM Canna’s original design of the Revolution 2.0 commercial cannabis grinder and utilizes an extremely sharp dual-blade system which maintains maximum potency by directly slicing through flower with precise, scissor-like motions to achieve the cleanest cuts possible and the most optimal homogenous grind. Combined with this pre-existing technology, Sub-Zero’s features further encourage degradation to an even lesser degree, making it an invaluable addition to brands seeking to increase ROI and product quality.The Revolution Sub-Zero addresses this need with its innovative approach aimed at providing hemp and marijuana facilities the ability to grind material in low-temperature environments that are known to further preserve cannabinoid profiles and minimize degradation.


  • 15-30 LBS Per Hour of Flower

  • Interchangeable Fine & Coarse Particle Screens for Extraction & Pre-Rolls

  • Sub-Zero Freezer and Refrigerator Safe

  • Helps Maintain Organic Compounds for Peak Potency, Flavor, and Aroma

  • Aids in Increasing Uniformity for Higher Efficiency & Yield in Extraction

  • Excellent for Live Resin, Solventless, Pre-Rolls, and Other Post-Harvesting Processes

  • Built-In Pre-Heating Technology & Temperature-Control

  • Auto-Blade Oscillation Creating Scissor-Like Cuts

  • Self-Regulating, Closed-Loop System to Prevent Clogs

  • Homogenous & Consistent Particles

  • 7%-10% Optimal Moisture Content

  • Auger Timing & Blade Speed Control

  • Designed, Manufactured & Assembled in the USA

  • OSHA Compliant Multi-Point Safety System



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