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STX 90 Terpene Extractor


  • Solventless Cannabis Derived Terpenes: Process 90 pounds in a single 8-hour shift, yielding approximately 200 grams of strain-specific >99% terpene isolate – enough for over 6,000 ultra-premium half-gram vape carts
  • Plug-And-Play: Easily integrate this unique, non-destructive direct distillation technique prior to your existing cannabinoid extraction process on either dry or fresh-frozen biomass
  • 90 L Biomass Vessel: Allows a wide range of batch sizes, from 5 to 30 lb, allowing you to maintain the ultimate strain-specificity with your solventless terpene isolates – taking your extracts to the next level
  • Fully-Automated Operation: Integrated 15-inch HMI allows users to program custom tailored extraction recipes, requiring minimal operator involvement and ensuring quality, consistency, and compliance
  • Patented Cryogenic Trap Technology: Based on decades of experience in the semi-conductor industry, the patented design ensures maximum yields while minimizing run-times
  • Preserves Most Valuable Terpenes: Collect the most fragrant and thermo-sensitive terpenes prior to extraction, allowing you to harvest the higher boiling point di- and triterpenes as usual, using wiped film distillation
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People. Process. Product: We’re backed by the best in all 3. From the very beginning, Root Sciences’ technicians provide full-service support, which includes equipment setup, assistance, and on-site training for you and your staff. Our seasoned technicians arrive at your location, ready to get started. The entire installation process is usually completed in one day, dependent on facility preparedness and machine size or complexity.

After the equipment is installed, hands-on training begins for you and your staff.  Step by step, our experts guide you through each of Root Science’s detailed processes and procedures.  Unlike many of our competitors, Root Sciences’ training program guides clients through the entire process by processing real cannabis or hemp (crude oil) at your location. When training is complete, your staff will have the knowledge they need for proper use and maintenance of your equipment.  This allows new business clients to achieve top results… as high as 99.95% in total cannabinoids on day one in the lab.