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Standalone Mobile Extraction Building by Flexmod


Fully insulated and capable of withstanding either extreme heat (they are currently located in the California desert), or the extreme cold of the Canadian winter. The Building is a 12’ x 40’ C1D1 (Class One Division One) Volatile Extraction Unit.

100% Compliance with C1D1 Class One Division One Standards.

Condition “Like New.”

C1D1 Standalone Mobile Volatile Extraction Building Includes:

  • Structure: Modified Conex steel shipping container with corrugated wall panels and reinforced structural members.
  • Interior walls and ceiling: 16 & 20-gauge steel framing with fire-rated gypsum and FRP finish.
  • Insulation: Standard R13 fiberglass insulation.
  • Flooring: Seamless fire-rated poured floor, color: dark gray with light flecks.
  • (1) HVAC Unit
  • Fire Suppression System 4-12×12 with Actuator
  • (1) Primary Exhaust Fan
  • (1) Auxiliary Exhaust Fan
  • (1) MCT
  • (1) C1D1 Wall Mounted Thermostat
  • (7) 110V 20A Duplex Receptacle
  • (6) 208/220V 20A Duplex Receptacle
  • (1) C1D1 48” Pendant LED Light with Emergency


  • (1) C1D1 Gas Detection Unit
  • (1) C1D1 Interior Alarm Horn/Strobe1 120V 1-Pole Switch
  • (1) Main Distribution Panel
  • (1) PLC – System Controller
  • (1) Main Power J-Box, Exterior Electrical Service

Connection w/fused Disconnect

  • (2) Fire Extinguisher
  • (1) Wall Mounted Eye Wash Station
  • (1) Stainless Steel Sink
  • (1) Kill Switch

The liquidation price of the package is USD72,850, which is 50% Off the price the seller paid for them.


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