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SpectraPure PSP Systems

Fully Scalable and Adjustable Systems created with your operation in mind, keeping your tanks full and your plants healthy all the time.


  • Built and Tested By SpectraPure in the USA – No White Labeled or Imported Systems

  • Simplified Design – Wall Mountable and Open Format – Adjust and Repair with Ease

  • Water Production for Any Size – From 2,500 Gallons Per Day to 10,000 or More

  • Keep Impurities Out – From Pre/Post Filters to UV Sterilization, We’ll Keep It Pure For Sure

  • Anti-Scalant System – Increase The Life and Performance of Your System

  • Waste Less Water – Up to 3:1 Product/Waste Ratio – Save Money and the Environment

  • High Performance Membranes – Up to 99% or Greater Contaminant Rejection

  • Plug & Play Systems – Pre-Plumbed and Leak-Tested – Just Connect and Produce


SpectraPure has been manufacturing Hydroponics Systems for Home, Hobby, and Commercial grows for over 35 years, and we’ve built quite a name for ourselves in the process. Known as an industry standard in Reverse Osmosis, we know water better than anyone else in the business, and we have the science to back it up.

Each system is hand built and tested for quality right here at our warehouse in Tempe, AZ. Designed with your needs in mind, SpectraPure will walk you through the entire process. From water analysis to site specific setup, we’ll ensure the production, quality, and efficiency your grow needs for years to come. 

Other companies sell expensive systems that they don’t build and don’t understand. Low quality, under-performing, and overpriced systems are saturating the industry, and they know you’ll never know the difference. SpectraPure has always designed and built all of our systems from top to bottom with our customers in mind, and we guarantee the quality of all of the systems we build. 

Our engineers and chemists have over 60 years of combined experience in the industry, and we bring that experience to every project we work on. Building systems that not only produce right now, but will still be producing 10 years from now, is how SpectraPure has always operated; and we pride ourselves on our ability to create the best Reverse Osmosis Systems on the market.

We know what plants crave! Trust SpectraPure to keep your operation growing!


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