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Sonic 2 Extraction System

Extraction Capacity (Dried Hemp or Cannabis):  30 lbs/hr

Water Soluble Processing (extract): 1kg/hr

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Sonic ExtractionTM Systems Product Overview Cannabis processors focused on edible products need an affordable extraction technology that exceeds the quality or efficiency of current CO2 and Ethanol based extraction methods. Sound Extractions has chosen to revolutionize the extraction industry through a both innovative and scalable processing system called Sonic ExtractionTM. Our solventless sonic extraction system processes plant material to consumer ready products more efficiently than any other extraction equipment on the market. There is no post processing necessary. This means your final oil or butter is full spectrum and can be added directly into a consumer ready product. Not only can this equipment produce high quality ready to use oils, one additional step creates a water soluble solution that can easily be added to beverages, gummies, topicals, etc.


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