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SensAir Combustible, Toxic Gas, and Oxygen Point Gas Detection Monitor

SensAir Point Gas Detector for High Priority: Safe air Quality in Cannabis & Hemp Oil Extraction

SensAir is an industrial grade, cost effective, fixed point gas detector designed to meet a wide range of industrial and commercial applications providing ambient gas monitoring for safety applications. SensAir is available in models for detecting toxic gas, combustible gas, and oxygen deficiency.

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Maximize Features for Minimized Costs

  • Combustible, Toxic, and Oxygen Versions Available

  • U.S./Canada/IECEx/ATEX Hazardous Area Approved

  • Rugged, Industrial, Cost Effective Design Meets a Wide Range of Application and Project Requirements

  • Robust, Fast Responding Sensors

  • Bright LED Display Model or Lower Cost Blind Model

  • Non-Intrusive Zero & Span Adjustments

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance, Ideal for Retrofit or New Applications

  • 3-wire Design with 4-20mA Output, Options for Modbus or BACnet—Both include 3 Additional Relays

  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation

  • Remote Combustible Sensor Option

  • Field Replaceable Sensor


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