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Sartorius, MCA5202S-2S00-R QP1 QP2 QP3 Cubis II Balance 7″, Load 5200g


Cubis MCA balance with large high-end 7″ color TFT touch display in 16:9 format with new user interface. Scale div. (d) 10mg, max. load 5200g. Draft shield R. Q-App Package QP1 (Pharma). Q-App Package QP2 (Advanced Applications), QP3.


  • Leading Performance: the Cubis II balance offers best-in-class performance, including high-capacity and high readability, regardless of sample type

  • Error-free Operations: Ensure a high level of trust and transparency by using Cubis II’s functionality to assess relevant factors during data acquisition.

  • Full End-to-End Data Integrity: Ensure your data is reliable and cannot be manipulated with Cubis II’s user management function and Lims connectivity.

  • The Pharma software application package contains applications concerning the topic compliance with pharmaceutical-relevant guidelines as 21 CFR Part 11 and USP 39, Chapter 41. The Pharma package includes applications such as user management, digital signatures, audit trail, USP minimum weight.

  • The Advanced software application package includes various complex weighing applications incl. evaluation. This includes applications used for density determination, percentage weighing, counting, backweighing, residual dirt analysis, residue on ignition, sieve analysis, filter weighing, checkweighing, formulation, averaging, etc.

  • The Utility software application package contains weighing applications and function extensions such as bootscreen, color scheme, free formula, fiber coarseness, diameter determination, air buyoancy correction, paper weight, statistics and printing of QR/bar codes.

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