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Revolution 2.0 Commercial Grinder

The Revolution 2.0 commercial cannabis grinder uses a patented dual blade system to cut material like scissors instead of whipping it into a mash.  This allows for much lower heat grinding to minimize terpene and cannabinoid loss. This is most important when you want to preserve the integrity and potency of your ground flower. Whip grinder tend to pulverize your material causing irreversible damage.

  • Easier to Clean – The new enhancements to the Revolution 2.0 weed grinder chute allows for easier detachment for quicker cleaning and maintenance. Trying to clean a whip grinder after material has mash onto the screens can be a nightmare

  • Customizable Settings – The Revolution 2.0 industrial cannabis grinder has customizable settings for blade speed, auger feed speed to allow for adjustments depending on material consistency, moisture level etc. You will not get this fine tuning on any whip style grinder.

REVOLUTION 2.0 Commercial Cannabis Grinder Features:

  • Carefully grinds up to 30 lbs. Per Hour of Dry Flower with Minimal Degradation

  • Interchangeable Fine & Coarse Particle Screens for Extraction & Pre-Rolls

  • Minimizes Terpene, Cannabinoid Loss

  • Auto-Blade Oscillation Creating Scissor-Like Cuts

  • Self-Regulating, Closed-Loop System to Prevent Clogs

  • Homogenous & Consistent Particles

  • Auger Timing & Blade Speed Control

  • Long-lasting Commercial Components & Food Grade Materials

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