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R35 | 35 Gallon Multipurpose Reactor

Aptia Engineering’s RX Series multi-functional industrial reactors are engineered to provide the highest highest thermal efficiency to operators. Boasting dimpled heat transfer jackets and a 3-layer-insulation design, the RX reactors are the ideal option for performing the most common post-extraction steps including winterization and crystallization.

Aptia Engineering offers premium Multipurpose Reactors to enhance the clarity, purity, potency, and marketability of final botanical extract products. Specially designed for industrial botanical extraction operations, the RX reactors are ideal for a range of sanitary processes including winterization, crystallization, decarboxylation and degumming.

Every reactor is constructed with high quality stainless steel, and comes equipped with an industrial duty agitator driven by a C1D1 group D explosion proof motor, an efficient heat transfer dimple jacket, and multiple sight glasses for easy process observation.
Available in five standard sizes from 15 to 175 gallons, Aptia’s reactors can be configured to accommodate diverse processing requirements. Multiple reactors can be combined to scale and expedite your process.

R35 Features

  • Reactor Volume – 35 Gallons
  • High Performance Dimple Jackets – efficient dimpled heat transfer jackets provide drastically better thermal efficiency (3-5x faster heating and cooling), while requiring far less heat transfer fluid (~5x less) than traditional heat transfer jackets. This results in increased productivity and improved operator safety.
  • Insulation and Shroud – 2″ of high quality insulation are installed over the heat transfer jacket. The insulation layer is in turn protected by a welded stainless shroud that provides a clean, sealed exterior. This insulation improves the thermal efficiency of the reactors and prevents operators from burning themselves or from getting frostbite from the exposed surfaces.
  • Easy Access – Designed for easy manway removal and easy cleaning. The entire manway is removable for complete access to the inner-vessel.
  • High Quality Industrial Agitators – American made, robust, side-mounted agitator with C1D1 group D 1/2- HP explosion proof motor.
  • Control Package – Non-explosion proof control panel which can be mounted outside the C1D2 zone controls agitator speed and display’s the temperature of the product inside the vessel.
  • Robust Stainless Steel Frames – comply with seismic requirements and prevent tipping when full.
  • Heating/Cooling – A variety of flammable fluid transfer, temperature control, and inert gas handling equipment can be supplied with each process system to accommodate unique process optimization.
  • System Dimensions – 51.5″ L x 30.5″ W x 65″ H


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