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pure99 Preparative Chromatography

Preparative Chromatography for Cannabinoid Separation in Hemp Extract

extraktLAB’s pure99 HPLC chromatography system is an automated, high-pressure liquid chromatography machine for the separation and purification of botanicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The chromatography machine is used to separate cannabinoids in the complex botanical matrix.

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Advanced Chromatography for Botanical Separations

We have created the premier chromatography machine and method for high performance cannabinoid separations from hemp extract and the best CBD chromatography machine for separation of cannabinoids for engineered and tailored formulations. 


Why pure99 for CBD Chromatography?

  • Water-free separation.

  • High recovery depending on cannabinoid ratios.

  • 0.5-2 kg production per hour (be sure to watch our video and read FAQs on production rate)

  • Built in solvent recovery system enables solvent recycling on board.

  • Fully automated chromatography methods enable stack injections for higher throughput.

  • 21 CFR Part 11 data integrity compliance.

  • Selectivity for separation of cannabinoids.

  • Stable stationary phases that are low-cost.

  • High pressure injection.

  • GMP compliant and engineering standard compliant including C1D2 compliant, Atex II compliant, PED, ASME VII DIV II.


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