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PRESTO A85 Temperature Control Systems

JULABO PRESTO® A85 Highly Dynamic Temperature Control System for highly precise temperature control of external applications. Operating temperature range of -85 to +250 °C with 5.5kW heating power; Cooling power: 2.5kW @ 20°C; 2.4kW from 0 to -40°C; 2.2 kW at -60°C. The hydraulically sealed heat exchanger design afford a wide working temperature range without changing fluids. All units feature a 5.7″ industrial color TFT touch screen interface for unit operation, external integration and programming. NRTL marked version available. 208-230V/3PPE/60Hz

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The PRESTO A85 instrument covers a working temperature range of -85 to +250 °C. Up to three user levels with password management enable safe, repeatable operation. Systems incorporate USB (host and device), Ethernet, SD-card slot, RS232 port, stand-by input and Pt100 external temperature sensor port.

The graphite bearing centrifugal pressure pump is lubricated by the bath fluid. Integrated  pressure control safeguards pressure sensitive applications (such as jacketed glass reactors).

Use only with approved JULABO fluids. Systems can operate with silicone fluids (Thermal P60 and Thermal P90) and HFEs (Fluorinert® and Galden®). Additional accessories available.