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Precision Capper


The GreenBroz Precision Capper is the perfect solution for small to large-size batches and will increase production 300%+ compared to hand labor.  

Designed to work on both tincture bottles and vape cartridges (threaded and press-fit type mouthpieces), the GreenBroz Precision Capper can be outfitted to work with most mouthpieces or toppers on the market. Custom parts available.

While this machine can cap 2400+ units per hour, there is no minimum batch size, making it the perfect solution for any operation that requires flexibility in its automation.

Each cartridge is tightened/pressed in an identical manner, with the same amount of torque and pressure applied to each unit, producing consistent sealing results while reducing the risk of leaking, spills, or other safety hazards that accompany the inconsistency associated with hand labor.

*Please note that shipping is included in the cost of this machine (within the continental United States).

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