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PreRoll-ER 200


The PreRoll-Er is a pre-roll machine for cones and cylinders with automatic and semi-automatic options. The PreRoll-Er works with all types of strains, including infused cannabis, and produces up to 1,300 pre-rolls per hour. A guaranteed weight of 0.01 g by weighing before and after filling.

Key Features

  • Proven 15 months of 24/7 operation with licensed producers
    in Canada across all types of strains, including infused cannabis

  • Produces up to 1,300 pre-rolls/hour

  • Replaces 15–20 operators per shift (rapid ROI)

  • Produces both conical and cylindrical (cigarette type) pre-rolls (check below)

  • 30 months of R&D, Patent Pending technology

  • Guaranteed weight of 0.01 g (weighs before filling)

  • Exit weight checking with reject station