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PowerSno™ Tech Spec

We offer a modular and expandable CO2 spray cleaning platform called PowerSno™. The PowerSno™ Universal CO2 Spray Treatment System by CleanLogix is an economical yet extremely versatile clean manufacturing solution for precision cleaning, cooling, and lubrication applications.  Using the latest CO2 Composite Spray™ technology, the PowerSno™ generates and propels an energetic air-CO2 particle spray comprising pressure- and temperature-regulated compressed air, nitrogen gas, or clean dry air (CDA) containing adjustable amounts of micronized CO2 particles to efficiently remove contaminants from any manufactured surface or manufacturing tool.  The PowerSno™ provides robust single-step and 100% dry treatment process -capabilities On-the-BenchOn-the-LineOn-the-Robot, or In-the-Tool.

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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is produced as a waste by-product of many industrial processes and is captured and repurposed (aka “Recycled CO2”) as a valuable resource for high-tech or high-reliability product manufacturing applications. Liquid, solid, plasma, and supercritical CO2 are used to provide both stand-alone and tool-integrated precision cleaning, extraction, disinfection, modification, cooling, and lubrication functions.

Moreover, CO2 technology works synergistically with innovative process adjuncts such as atmospheric plasma, Laser, and robotic automation to provide highly robust processing platforms. Effectively implemented, CO2 technology significantly reduces multiple forms of lean and green manufacturing wastes including factory space, labor, material inputs, processing time, energy, wastewater, and other non-productive by-products.


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