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Pope Turnkey & Multistage Distillation Equipment

In addition to our standardized Wiped Film Distillation Equipment (2”, 4” and 6” systems) Pope also produces turnkey skid-mounted industrial production systems. Our multistage, stainless steel, PLC-controlled, fully turnkey skid-mounted systems serve major cannabis production installations requiring capacities anywhere from 10 kg/hr up to 100 kg/hr. We are capable of engineering and manufacturing industrial production-sized stills as massive as you need.

Along with the increased size and continuous operation comes the same consistency of product composition over time and sustained quality.

 Turnkey and Multistage Systems:

  • For high throughput, high duty cycle industrial production processing applications.
  • Skid-mounted, complete, and pretested turnkey WFS systems with PLC driven fully automated control systems including advanced data recording and logging features.
  • Multiple stages provide once-through the system operation, consistent control, and fine-tuning optimization of the overall process, highest product purity, yield, and value.
  • Throughputs from 5 to 100+ liters/hr
  • Fully engineered, built, and tested in Saukville, WI, USA.
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10 kg/hr PLC operated 2-Stage Turnkey System.

Turnkey 2-Stage 6″ Stainless Steel Molecular Still System with Computer Control.

Turnkey Explosion-Proof 2-Stage 9″ + 6″ Stainless Steel Wiped Film Evaporator System for Solvent Removal.


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