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Plug and Play CRC

The “Plug and Play” CRC, will change the way you run using the CRC. Plug and play is used to describe the use of quick connects which give you the upper hand with flexibility whether you Batch or Inline CRC. The ability to Prime (Pre-soak), Wash, and Vapor Assist with ease gives you ultimate control and understanding on how to CRC proficiently, safely, and reliably; taking out the hardships of having clogs and other operator errors. 


Use of nitrogen is optional. Our largest available CRC (10″) can have you pass oil-laden liquid with negligible pressure differential from CRC to Collection pot with speed, reliability, and low pressure. With these configurations, you can run half a batch wash it, and run the rest if you desire. It is the most flexible CRC solution on the market today. 

Three Sizes are available and two models for each size:

Basic – Standard NPT Valves/Fittings, Swagelok QCs, Sight Glasses

Baller – Swagelok Valves, QC’s and fittings, Sight glasses

(Relative amount able to process with one CRC pack subject to vary based on input material) – Sizes – 4X12″ or 4×24″(0-20# run) 6X24″ (20-80# run) 10X16″ (50-150#+ per run)