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Pilot & Industrial Homogenizers

While our Laboratory Homogenizers offer unprecedented control over all fundamental process parameters, our Pilot and Industrial Homogenizers offer unique flexibility to meet every customer’s particular requirements.

The cornerstone of any pilot or industrial production system is reproducing the same product quality as developed in the laboratory.  Our patented Emulsifying Cell (EC) offers a linear process which enables us to guarantee the scalability of results.

Critical to industrial production systems is reliable and predictable continuous operation.  BEE International has developed its own intensifier technology since 1994.  Over two decades later, we offer the most advanced, reliable, and versatile intensifier technology in the market.

Key benefits of our advanced intensifier pumping systems:

  • Electronic synchronization produces constant pressure
  • Numerous cylinder sizes available to match specific pressure, flow capacity, and product characteristics requirements.
  • Optional redundant intensifier that may be automatically disabled during production to avoid downtime.
  • Unique CIP position enabling flow through the high pressure cylinder for faster and more thorough cleaning.

Finally, todays manufacturers require increasingly higher levels of automation, controls, data gathering, and plant integration.  To meet these requirements, all our Pilot and Industrial Homogenizers are PLC controlled.  The HMI in DeBEE 4000 systems is a touchscreen industrial computer. We have used leading PLC models of Siemens and Allen Bradly, and have met the highest levels of customers’ requirement in regulatory compliance and plant integration.


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