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PHENOM Advanced Multi-Sensor and Imaging System

Advanced Multi-Sensor and Imaging System

PHENOM is a modular vertical horticulture lighting system that integrates cameras and valuable plant and environmental sensors for ultimate canopy visibility, expert data analysis, thermal control, energy recovery, and heat storage.

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PHENOM is a trailblazing new vertical grow lighting system with integrated sensor and imaging technologies building on the success of the innovative A3 and ZENITH luminaires. PHENOM integrates plant health sensors and a canopy imaging platform with the patented Agnetix liquid cooled hydronics system. Vertical farms can now increase density, height and energy efficiency by counteracting the environmental impacts caused by micro-climates and fixture waste heat pervasive in commercial grows featuring passively cooled lights.

PHENOM is designed for crops that require a Daily Light Integral (photosynthetic light measurement) for optimum growth ranging from 15-30 DLI, such as lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries, to much higher DLI crops such as cannabis, which requires over 40 DLI. PHENOM may also be used in combination with the Agnetix A3 or ZENITH luminaires from start through vegetative growth and flowering as a full facility cultivation platform operating at the lowest carbon footprint of any grower in the same class.

The industry benchmark efficiency of the Agnetix system can now deliver close-proximity 100% PAR light (photosynthetically active radiation) to multi-level grows with luminaire wattage of 375 and an astonishing PPE (photosynthetic photon efficacy) of up to 3.61µmol/J and precision dimming 100-1%. Agnetix patented hydronics cooling extracts up to 140 watts of waste heat from the room per fixture significantly reducing the amount of energy intensive HVAC required versus any other light source.

The Agnetix environmental, thermal-sensing and computer-vision platform allows the vertical farmer to interact via the user interface remotely from the safety and convenience of their computer or mobile device, continuously monitoring the conditions and plant performance at enterprise scale with speed and convenience.

Sensor and imaging technologies empower key stakeholders with direct visualization of plant size and quality:

  • Temperature, Relative Humidity, CO₂ ppm Sensor
  • Leaf Temperature Sensor (IR)
  • Reflected Canopy Light Intensity and Color Sensor
  • Canopy Distance and Growth Rate Sensor
  • Imaging Engine with Camera and Multi-wavelength LED Flash Illuminator


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