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Onfleet Cannabis Delivery Platform

Onfleet makes cannabis deliveries easy

  • Route, dispatch and analyze orders
  • Track and communicate with drivers in the field
  • Delight customers with real-time updates
  • Ensure compliance with age verification and proof of delivery

Streamline operations

Take your delivery operations to the next level with advanced route optimization, automated dispatch, real-time fleet tracking and powerful analytics.

Delight customers

Automatic SMS notifications, real-time driver tracking, proof-of-delivery and feedback collection tools ensure every delivery is a delightful experience.

Integrate anything

Seamlessly connect your website, mobile app, online ordering system, ERP or inventory management system with our developer-friendly API.

Enterprise grade

Best-in-class APIs, unparalleled reliability, stability, and security, hands-on support and a global reach make Onfleet the clear choice for enterprise businesses.


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