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NugSmasher Touch 12 Ton Rosin Press


NugSmasher Touch 12 Ton Rosin Press

The Nugsmasher Touch takes manual rosin extraction to a whole new level.

With the ability to provide a custom surface size, the Nugsmasher Touch can provide up to 12 tons of pressure with much precision.

The Nugsmasher Touch uses the Interactive Extraction Brain, a five-inch touchscreen computer designed to give you control over the extraction settings.

This computer on the Nugsmasher Touch provides three kinds of precise digital PSI measurements and computes surface area to deliver the ideal pressure for the best results.

The Interactive Extraction Brain of the Nugsmasher Touch may be updated when firmware updates, including added functions, roll out.

The Nugsmasher Touch uses 4 x 6-inch steel plates with four heating elements rated at 160 watts each for even heat distribution.

The Nugsmasher Touch only uses solid steel for its build and comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

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