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Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction Lab “New”

“New” Turnkey Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction Labmade by Pinnacle Stainless now Extractiontek Stainless, one of the leading extraction equipment manufacturers in the cannabis/hemp industry. The package includes everything you need to extract 100 pounds of biomass per hour.  Remote Installation Assistance and Onsite Training can be purchased separately directly from Pinnacle Stainless.

The seller bought too much equipment, so they are liquidating what they are not using. The equipment was installed, tested, but never used in production.

Package Includes:

  • Pinnacle AES (Alcohol Extraction Skid): Throughput 100 pounds of biomass per hour.
  • Pinnacle SRS (Solvent Recovery Skid): Throughput 100 liters per hour.
  • Julabo FP-90 Chiller.
  • Centrifuge.
  • Pinnacle Filtration System/ Heat Exchanger.
  • -40C Ethanol Chilling System.
  • All ancillary equipment except the boiler mentioned below.

Important Note: Does not include a boiler. A boiler is required. Estimated cost of a boiler for this skid is approximately USD15,000.

Important Note: This will only be sold as a complete package.

The liquidation price of the whole package is USD353,500, which is 50% or $353K Off the price the seller paid for it.

Below you will find a link to a Dropbox folder that includes original invoice, cut sheets, and photos.

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