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New Apache Boiler from Superior Boilers, the world’s leading manufacturer in boilers. This boiler is fully modular, skid-mounted, and ready to be easily installed in any processing facility. Boilers are commonly used in cannabis processing for greenhouse heat applications, emulsion technology, jacketed/pressurized vessels, solvent recovery, etc. Liquidation Price $24,650


Since 1930 we have continued to improve our offering of quality, safety, and exceptional value to our respected customers in industry, commerce and healthcare. We have a dedicated customer service team to support our products and offer a full line of after-market and OEM parts. With Superior Boiler Works, you can choose your steam or hot water packaged boiler solution to fit your demanding needs

Superior Boilers offer thicker tube sheets, thicker tubes, large corrugated furnaces, and the ability to factory mount, wire and test UL or CSA listed burners from all burner manufacturers. However There are still more features that make the Apache an exceptional value. All Apache boilers have two 3” x 4” handhole openings in the front tube sheet, two handholes on the bottom centerline and an available manway which permits inspection of the bottom of the drum, and facilitates cleaning and tube removal. Full front end and fireside access is standard on all Superior boilers. Our design eliminates the necessity of disconnecting fuel lines when inspection or maintenance functions are required.


 2 pass dryback design• Corrugated furnaces on ASME Section I high pressure boilers• Large furnace and rear turnaround volume for complete combustion• Roller-bearing supported single-hinged rear door for total fireside access• Largest single furnace dryback design with exceptional efficiencies and economical operation• Packaged with Gas, Oil, or Combination Gas & Oil Burner.

  • One (1) Superior Apache Boiler 40 
    • Pressure of 150 psi steam and 30-160 psi hot water 
    • 40 hP motor 
    • 1380 lbs/hr of steam at 212 degrees F 
    • Dimensions 114 x 61 x 73”  
  • One (1) Reservoir Tank

Packaged boilers are trimmed with necessary safeties and code piping and inspected by authorized, independent code inspectors. Factory mounted and wired packaged, proven and reliable burners are available from all burner manufacturers. Standard burners comply with UL requirements. Code Requirements such as CSD-1, IRI, FM, NFPA85, and CSA are available upon request. Packaged Apache boilers can be factory fire tested to check electrical components for proper operation and ensure smooth ignition and quicker field startups.

For long, trouble free boiler life, it is also vital that combustion be completed within the confines of the firetube. The Apache is designed with a long furnace made with thicker material than ASME requirements. In addition, the furnaces of high pressure steam Apache boilers are corrugated to thwart negative effects of expansion and contraction.

The tube sheet is the most critical component in any scotch marine type boiler and Superior’s tube sheets exceed the ASME code thickness by 25% in low pressure units and 33%in high pressure units. Thick tube sheets coupled with tubes 10%thicker than ASME code requirements and ¾” ligament spacing give Superior Boiler Owners more tube seating surface and long equipment life. 


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