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NanoOptimizer™ facilitates the production of stable cannabinoid nanoemulsions with industry-leading particle size. You can expect to achieve particle sizes in the 25 – 35nm range, providing excellent bioavailability and product clarity. Furthermore, all ingredients are naturally-derived and clean-label.

  • Sold in 1.0kg / 5.0kg / 10kg Quantities (Emulsifies Approx. 200g of Isolate / Distillate / Extract) – Contact Us For Bulk Pricing

  • Typical Usage Ratio: 5.0kg:1.0kg (NanoOptimizer™:Isolate / Distillate / Extract)

  • For Ideal Results, Ultrasonic Processing is Required

  • Contains Food-Grade Preservative and Food-Grade Acid For Extended Shelf Life


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