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LSP-600 Laboratory-Scale Processor

  • The LSP-600 ultrasonic liquid processor comes standard with: 600 W ultrasonic generator, air-cooled transducer, full-wave Barbell Horn®, medium-duty support stand, spanner wrench set, and noise reduction ear muffs. Optional items include: flow-through reactor chamber (flow cell), magnetic stirrer with hotplate, water chiller, air blower, 2 L process vessel, peristaltic pump, beaker, NanoStabilizers®, and filters.

  • The LSP-600 processor utilizes patented Barbell Horn® Ultrasonic Technology (BHUT), which makes it possible to generate extremely high ultrasonic amplitudes at any scale of operation. By upgrading to our larger BHUT-based units, the BSP-1200 or ISP-3600, any process optimized with the LSP-600 can be directly scaled-up to a pilot or industrial production environment.


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