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With a streamlined design, smaller footprint, and a transparent dishwasher-safe glass chamber offering 4x the capacity of LĒVO II, it’s the perfect device for activating and infusing your dried, large-batch herbal creations right at the kitchen countertop.

No matter your herb of choice, LĒVO C makes it easy to infuse large batches of oils, butters, honeys, vegetable glycerin and more!

  • Includes ACTIVATE (AKA decarboxylation) mode to optimize potency
  • 100% dishwasher safe and non-toxic parts
  • By infusing at home, you’ll pay a fraction of what you would purchasing pre-made infused oils and foods and have full control over the quality of your ingredients
  • Precise time and temperature controls let you tailor INFUSE settings to your preference and replicate your favorites, again and again!
  • 1L glass basin
  • Jumbo Pod included holds 1 ounce of dry herbs


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