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JuanaRoll Pre-Roll Machine


The liquidation price of the package is $217,570, which is 50% off the original cost. Another rare find JuanaRoll Pre-Roll Machine that automatically weighs, fills, twists, and dispenses joints. If you remember the last JuanaRoll we had, which sold within a week, this 8-channel model is the largest JuanaRoll in existence, with twice the capacity as the previous one. It rolls up to 2,400 joints per hour depending on the size.
We constantly get requests for Pre-Roll Machines. The last one we got sold within a few days. No wonder. It is one badass piece of machinery.
Important Note: This equipment was only used for about a year. It was owned by a major corporation, so it was meticulously maintained and is in perfect condition. Training, installation, and parts are available in the U.S. and Canada by the manufacturer.
Package Includes:
• One (1) 8-Channel JuanaRoll Machine.
• Tons of Spare Parts.
• All other necessary accessories for operation.

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