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JellyCook Batch Cookers

The JellyCook series is the market-leading edibles solution for weighing, mixing, and cooking pectin or gelatin syrups for volumes of up to 25,000 edibles per hour. GMP-forward and FDA-approved, the Jellycook is made to accommodate a wide variety of recipes and scenarios.

✔ Variable high shear mixer ensures consistent dispersion

✔ Scrapers ensure even heating

✔ Easy access points allow ingredients to be added automatically or on-the-fly

​​The JellyCook is a single solution developed for the cannabis industry.  The configurations allow for single or dual-syrup products and are designed to cook in batches that feed the depositor continuously. It’s easy to operate and features an intuitive HMI, guided cooking prompts, and an intelligent control system.

  • The standard model includes one cooker and one reservoir for batch processing of single-syrup products.

  • The Max model entails two cookers and one reservoir for batch processing single-syrup products when the depositor outpaces a single cooker. The Duo Max model includes two cookers and two reservoirs for dual-syrup products. Each syrup is heated, stored, and fed to the depositor separately, where its dispensed as layers, swirls, or center-fills.


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