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HCE | Hydrocarbon Extraction Platform

Aptia’s hydrocarbon extraction systems offer a modular and expandable design with components that can be assembled to meet extraction capacities from 20-160 lbs/hr and which supports extraction temperatures ranging from room temperature down to -112 F / 80 C 

Thoughtful Design, Massive Efficiency

Through intelligent engineering, the team at Aptia has provided a powerful, reliable, and sensible hydrocarbon extraction solution for botanical processors. Key advantages to Aptia’s HCE Platform include: 

  • Rapid Solvent Recovery: allows for nearly continuous extraction
  • Strategic Modularity: scale initial capacity as much as 8x by swapping modules
  • Thoughtful Engineering: eliminates common extraction nuisances and inefficiencies

Key Features

  • Industry leading solvent recovery rates
  • Integrated solvent recovery pump with software controller and touchscreen HMI
  • No swapping lines required when unloading biomass extractors
  • Optimized ancillary heaters and chillers for maximum energy efficiency
  • Capable of producing a wide variety of end products from sauce to distillate and everything in between 
  • Easy to maintain, train and operate

The HCE is available in several standard configurations, and can also support custom configurations.



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