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GMP Extraction Cleanrooms

With the absence of globally recognized guidelines and the FDA not yet enforcing GMP in the cannabis industry in the US, a handful of licensed cannabis producers are building state-of-the-art GMP facilities to strengthen their position and branding in the US and Canada and to facilitate the export of GMP-certified products to Europe and Australia.

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  • Routinely monitored environmental conditions – particle monitoring system with alarm if limits are exceeded (grade B) as well as temperature, humidity, and pressure differential monitoring.
  • Clean area entry through airlocks for personnel and/or equipment/materials (pass-through)
  • Clean areas maintained to the appropriate cleanliness standard
  • Air supplied passed through filters of appropriate efficiency
  • Component preparation, product preparation, and filling carried out in separate areas
  • Microbiological monitoring
  • All exposed surfaces should be smooth, impervious, and unbroken to minimize the shedding or accumulation of particles or micro-organisms and to permit repeated application of cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • No uncleanable recesses and a minimum of projecting ledges, shelves, cupboards, and equipment
  • Doors should be designed to avoid uncleanable recesses
  • Sinks and drains prohibited in grade A and B for aseptic filling
  • Both airlock doors must not be opened at the same time and use interlocking system or visual/audible warning system to prevent this from happening
  • Demonstrate airflow patterns do not present a contamination risk
  • Ambient temperature and humidity should not be uncomfortably high for employees


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