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High-End Turnkey Extraction Lab Setup by Precision Extraction and TruSteel


This Firesale is once in a long while opportunity to acquire a High-End Turnkey Extraction Lab Setup by Precision Extraction and TruSteel, the leading extraction equipment manufacturer in the cannabis/hemp industry. The package includes everything for Extraction, Distillation, Crystallization and THC Remediation, as well as a lot of other stuff you will need like a C1D1 Fume Hood, Biomass Dryer and Grinder, -40C Freezer, a Forklift and much much more.
Below are the main pieces of equipment, but this package literally has everything, and much of it is being thrown in for Free as a Bonus.
Important Note: This equipment was only used for three months, so it is like brand new.
Package Includes:
• One (1) ACE 30: Ethanol Centrifuge Extractor.
• One (1) AV30: Ethanol Recovery System.
• One (1) SE53 Solventvap: 20L Rotary Evaporator.
• One (1) CDU 3000: Short-Path Distillation System made by German company UIC GmbH.
• One (1) FP1: Filter Press.
• Four (4) RV-100L: Reactionary Vessels.
• Two (2) AT160 – 16 Cu. Ft. Vacuum Ovens.
• One (1) Agilent 1200: Liquid Chromatography System.
• One (1) Agilent/HP 6850: Gas Chromatography System.
• Two (2) EXP2: C1D1 Rooms.
• One (1) Biomass Dryer System.
• One (1) Biomass Grinder.
• One (1) -40C Freezer.
• All necessary Chillers and Pumps.
• All other Ancillary Equipment.
• Much much more, request full list.
The liquidation price of the whole package is USD810,704, which is 50% Off the price the seller paid for it. Plus a whole lot more stuff they are throwing in for Free as a Bonus.


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