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G40 Automatic CBD Gummy Production Line

Speeds up to 15000 gummies per hour.

  • Starchless for gelatin or pectin gummy, Output:15,000 gummies/hr.

  • Cooling Tunnel With 5hp Chilling System and Desiccant Fans to Maintain 0-20℃ Controls.

  • Jacket Dissolving Tank & storage Tank for Sugar and glucose and with Control Panel

  • Auto and accurate Spraying on each mold

  • Servo Drive Controlled Doctors(10). Automatic and easy fill volume changes. Ranging from 1-15g. Dual hopper for dual colors.

Key Features

  • Production capacity: up to 40kgs/h

  • PLC control system

  • LED touch panel for easy operating

  • Specially designed de-moulding device

  • Different shapes are made via change-over of moulds

  • In-line injection, dosing & pre-mixing for proportional addition of liquid

  • Dosing pump for automatic injection of colors, flavours and acids

  • Available for one color, two colors jelly candies

  • Sanitary construction

  • Deposited hard candies can be produced on the same line by changing moulds


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