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FRS-22P-V2: Filtration & Remediation Skid

The Filtration solution streamlines CO2, ethanol & hydrocarbon extraction systems.
We designed the FRS-22P-V2 to better synchronise and streamline the filtration & colour
remediation process without compromising quality. The result? We’ve consolidated three
filtration steps into one workflow to optimise your efficiency, reduce your costs, and increase
your output.
Easy to clean and EU-GMP compliant.
Rapid throughput. Superior results.
This sequencing dramatically improves clarity, colour, and flavour profiles, while minimising the
expense of post processing waste. Multiple configurations are available to accommodate CO2,
ethanol, and hydrocarbon extraction methods.


Filtration solutions for CO2, Ethanol & Hydrocarbon systems

• Primary filtration to removes suspended lipids, waxes, and biomass

• Decolourizing the extract by removing chlorophyll and other pigments

• Secondary filtration to perform a final polish and ensure high-quality outputs


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