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Fertigation Manager™

The perfect tool for dealing with the difficulties of irrigating plants with a variety of nutrient recipes.

  • The Fertigation Manager™ is a precise fertilizer blending and delivery system that allows the grower to create various fertilizer feeding formulas for all types of crops including hydroponic, aeroponic and traditional growing methods.
  • The Fertigation Manager™ delivers the exact amount of irrigation water to each plant, irrespective of the amount of water required or the frequency of the watering.
  • The Fertigation Manager™ completes mixing and remembers the exact amount of water and nutrients required for each recipe.
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Growers depend on fertilizer programs to irrigate flower and vegetable crops on a daily basis. The Fertigation Manager™ allows growers to create and distribute different feeding formulas and was the first system to fully integrate to the internet allowing for remote control and monitoring.


The Fertigation program allows growers to control each fertilizer solution injected into the pressurized irrigation water line by (1) EC and pH control or (2) proportional to water flow control.

  • The EC control program injects fertilizer in the irrigation water until the set EC level is reached, then the injectors slow down to maintain the EC level and pH level.
  • The Fertigation Program allow you to preschedule up to 20 Fertilizer recipe programs and can be assigned to specific irrigation zones.


Save money on fertilizer and water usage by treating and recycling waste irrigation water. This water recycling program includes a special strategy for treating collected irrigation water.

The program conditions water for desired EC and pH before it is sent to the Fertigation Manager™ for further treatment.

The Fertigation Manager™ control program is a powerful tool for fertigation management, water recycling and climate control for any sized indoor grow operation. These smart controllers are accessible via the Internet. Technical support is available from anywhere the Internet is accessible


The program works with up to 12 injectors and up to 128 irrigation valves. Various feed formulas can be pre-programmed to satisfy various vegetable and flower crops.

Climate Control Systems offers a unique measurement and control instrumentation for EC, pH and water flow meters that have field programmable features to help growers manage the production of crops.

There are 20 irrigation programs where one can assign specific irrigation valves. Schedule irrigation based on time intervals, live solar conditions set in u/Moles, by substrate/soil moisture sensors or by external trigger

  • The timer counts down in seconds to indicate seconds left until the next irrigation start cycle
  • The Solar Sensor provides accumulated solar levels in µmoles to trigger irrigation on set solar levels



The Fertigation Manager™ is a key component in this engineered water recycling system in conjunction with the Ozone Pro water sterilization system

  •  Complete turn-key water collection and recirculation system
  • Saves the grower up to 40% on water and fertilizer costs
  • Recycles 100% of the fertilized irrigation wastewater




The Fertigation Manager™ uses anywhere from 3 to 12 fertilizer tanks to create many different fertilizer formulas required for different crops.


The software program allows you to automatically mix many different feeding recipes and send them directly to the irrigation zone.


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