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ESS SC-EB Electrostatic Sprayer

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The SC-EB is a self-contained, battery-powered “suitcase-style”, compact electrostatic spraying unit that delivers disinfectant solutions in a small negatively charged particle that covers surfaces evenly in every nook and cranny without over wetting the surfaces.  The SC-EB is also perfect for all common areas that have limited access to electrical outlets and offers enhanced disinfection.

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The ESS SC-EB sprayer is compatible with most commonly used water-based chemicals, disinfectants, mold preventatives, sanitizers and pesticides. With the air-assisted electrostatic spray gun, applying chemicals efficiently and effectively is easy.  With the air-assisted electrostatic spray-gun, the ESS SC-EB electrostatic sprayer for use with disinfection sprays is miserly with solutions too!  The electrostatic charge ensures that even the hard-to-reach places are coated evenly. The sanitization line is the ideal solution for bio-security, fighting MRSA, E. Coli, salmonella, swine flu, C. Diff, H1N1, other bacteria and Viruses.

  • Self-contained, ‘suitcase-style’, compact, electrostatic sprayer, perfect for water-based chemical applications. 

  • Equipped with an additional one-liter Nalgene bottle, which can be attached on a hip belt or handheld for 15 minutes of spraying time. (Additional option of 4 wheels for ease of mobility). 

  • Choose between brass or stainless-steel fittings and connections.

  • 1- Rechargeable Spray wand with Electrostatic Nozzle

  • 25 Foot Hose Included. Additional hose may be purchased at the time the order is placed for a maximum length of 75 feet

  • 2- Nalgene Bottles (1 liter each) 

  • Built-in Air Compressor

  • Flow Rate of 1 gal/hour

  • Spray Range of up to 8 feet


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