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DMC-4 | Diamond Miner Cart with 4 Jacketed Diamond Miners and Mixing & Condensing Miner Caps

Ideal for bulk processing of specialty products, the Diamond Miner Cart makes operating multiple diamond miners easy, clean and efficient.

Innovative Mixing and Condensing Caps for Aptia’s Diamond Miners drastically increase batch processing speed and preserve terpenes.

Aptia’s Diamond Miners can be added to or removed from the cart in seconds without any tools. Heating media, cooling media, and compressed air can be connected to each miner in seconds via centralized distribution manifolds, well-organized industrial hoses, and leak-free dry break quick disconnects. The DMC provides an extremely functional alternative to having a tabletop mess of tubing, hoses, miners, and leaking heat transfer fluids.

Cart Features

  • Distribution manifolds are provided for heating media, cooling media, and compressed air
  • Flexible hoses and premium quality dry-break disconnects are provided at every connection to each miner
  • Add or remove diamond miners from cart in seconds without any tools
  • Stainless steel high-quality compression plumbing used for fluid distribution

Aptia Diamond Miner Features

Aptia’s multipurpose Diamond Miner Vessels are designed for small batch processing of artisanal extracts, with each miner engineered to perform crystallization, decarb or other small batch processes. The standard cap can be upgraded to an optional Mixing & Condensing Cap to provide a big efficency boost to many standard diamond miner processes.

  • 6″ x 12″ Vessel
  • Heat Transfer Jacketed
  • Bottom Drain Port with Valve
  • High Quality Compression Plumbing
  • Pressure Rated to 300 PSIG

Miner Mixing & Condensing Cap Features

  • Equipped with a pneumatic agitator that mixes the solution, which greatly increases batch processing speed
  • Integrated condenser can be used to capture terpenes that would otherwise be lost during processing/
  • Includes 2x sight glasses for process visibility
  • Pressure rated to 100 PSIG


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