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Closed-loop Geomat Recycle Water System

Geomat is ideal for commercial cannabis grow facilities that want a water containment solution that can be quickly installed, with minimal disruption to production. We offer a durable and high-quality water containment solution to help growers scale operations and ensure that environmental regulations are met.


With the Geomat, water is contained in an industrial-grade closed-loop eco-friendly system that can be tied back into your irrigation to be recycled safely as needed, while plants are elevated allowing them to thrive naturally and maintain nutrients.

  • Quick Installation with Minimal Disruption: Our easily adaptable system, backed by a 20-year warranty, can be installed quickly – ensuring minimal disruption to production.
  • State of the Art System: The Geomat is made from high-quality components, allowing grow facilities to produce and maintain a high product quality.
  • Reduce. Reuse. Repeat.: When it comes to water usage, be confident that your facility meets all Clean Water Act and EPA requirements with the Geomat.
  • Grow Facility Safety: Avoid unnecessary floor water damage and reduce the risk of employees falling with a non-skid work surface.


This water recovery system is designed to recapture and recycle all water runoff used in facilities. Geomat helps save on each facility’s water usage and cost during the cleaning and washing process for plants and equipment used. This closed-loop system is environmentally compliant to all work environments while maintaining the vital nutrients your plants need for a successful grow. Geomat is scalable to fit any size and can be relocated with minimal disruption. Learn more about how Geomat can help efficiently save you water and resources for your facility.