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CenturionPro XL5 Commercial Wet & Dry Bud Trimming Machine


CenturionPro XL5 Commercial Wet & Dry Bud Trimming Machine

Time to graduate from that old and small trimmer and move up with the CenturionPro XL5 Trimmers.

Banking on CenturionPro’s reputation for uncompromised quality, and industrial toughness, the XL5 takes your trimming operations to whole new levels.

With a tumbler size of 38.9 cubic feet, the XL5 easily trims up to 1,500 pounds of wet buds or 300 pounds of dry buds in an hour, effectively doing the job of 1,200 people.

The XL5 produces up to 420,000 cuts per minute with its industrial-grade trimmers. It uses variable speed controls so you can fine-tune every batch for the perfect trim.

Made only with food-grade materials and designed with health and safety in mind, the XL5 adheres to the highest occupational safety standards and complies with GMP and FDA regulations. It also features an emergency stop, should you need to stop the operations.

The XL5 has an adjustable in-feed and out-feed, making operation a breeze. Setup and cleanup is easy; the trimmer is wash-down rated, making the cleaning process a quick chore.

The XL5 is covered with a five-year warranty for its trimmers, and a two-year warranty for its leaf collector, so you can operate without worrying about after-sales support.


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