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CenturionPro Silver Bullet Wet & Dry Bud Trimming Machine


CenturionPro Silver Bullet Wet & Dry Bud Trimming Machine

Dry Capacity: 15 lbs/hr
Wet Capacity: 75 lbs/hr
Leaf Collector: 3 HP

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The CenturionPro Silver Bullet Trimmer is an upgrade to the Original Standard Trimmer.

Featuring the same efficiency as the Original Standard Trimmer, the Silver Bullet gives you the same quality trims, but in a quieter package.

The Silver Bullet is 30 percent less noisy than the Original Standard Trimmer, thanks to its silencer.

Like its brother, the Silver Bullet does the job of 60 hand trimmers, while providing quality results.

The Silver Bullet uses twin trimmers to process up to 75 pounds of wet product or 15 pounds of dry product in an hour.

The Silver Bullet is durable, thanks to its anodized aluminum and stainless steel build.

The Silver Bullet uses industry-standard components, including a 30-inch tumbler, a 3-horsepower leaf collector suction system, and CenturionPro’s triple-bag kief filtration and trim collection system, which lets you filter kief while you trim.

The Silver Bullet also features marine-grade Bluetooth speakers to help you liven up every trimming session.

Want to increase efficiency?

The electropolish tumbler is upgradable to the Quantanium coated tumbler that prevents trichomes from sticking to the tumbler surface without the need for lubricants.

The Quantanium surface cleans easily with a cloth and warm water.

The Silver Bullet comes with a 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind. All sales final.


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