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CBD Quick Test Kit (3 Tests per Kit)

Easy, accurate and affordable testing for CBD is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the Plantchek CBD Quick Test Kit. Test strains for CBD content in under 10 minutes using our colorimetric strip technology (patent pending). The CBD Quick Test kit contains the analytical tools you require for quick and accurate testing of CBD in flower, oils, or extracts/concentrates.

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Lab Verification
In 2018, Compassionate Analytics Inc. contracted Chiral Laboratories, an independent 3rd party laboratory located in Victoria BC, to evaluate the accuracy of its CBD Test Kit. The kit was further modified to improve accuracy, and then further evaluated. Chiral Laboratories issued a lab report entitled “Evaluation, Modification, and Validation – CBD Test Kit”, which stated: “The modified kit has been evaluated and shown to be robust, precise and accurate for the intended range of 0 to 24% CBD content.”

CBD Quick Test Kit Instructions


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