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Cannabis HPLC Analyzer


This simple-to-use microHPLC is suitable for use by those without prior laboratory experience or science background.

HPLC = high performance liquid chromatography

  • convenience – do in-house analyses
  • analyze plant, extracts, edibles, beverages
  • easy to follow instructions
  • reliable performance
  • long-term use
  • accurate results
  • compact size (18x9x10.5 inch)
  • optimized for cost at $5 ~ $10/test
  1. Commercial calibration standards
  2. 315mL HPLC buffer
  3. 1L HPLC grade Methanol
  4. 1L HPLC grade Acetonitrile
  5. 1L HPLC grade Water
  6. 3x100mL HPLC mobile phase bottle
  7. 1x500mL HPLC mobile phase bottle
  8. 100uL Hamilton microsyringe
  9. 2.5mL Hamilton microsyringe
  10. 2x5mL calibrated volumetric pipette
  11. 15mL calibrated volumetric pipette
  12. 20mL calibrated volumetric pipette
  13. 100mL calibrated volumetric flask
  14. Glassware
  15. 100×1.8mL autosampler vials with PTFE/silicone cap
  16. 100x16mL glass vial for extraction
  17. Precision digital analytical scale (0.001g accuracy
  18. Nitrile gloves, labels


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