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Level up your grow with our task management, crop steering tech, and powerful data analytics for more ROI and less WTF.

To take this industry head on, you’ve got to bring order to the chaos. And that means gaining full visibility and control over your operation. As technology advances, those who embrace change will lead the charge. Hard work and perseverance deserve to be rewarded. We’re here to help you grow to your full potential.

A competitive edge is more important than ever. Our cannabis grow software ties together the critical pieces of your operation to help you make data-driven decisions. Optimize your entire operation with Trym.


Whether you want to get granular or see a birds eye view of the conditions in your garden, Trym brings real-time data visualizations into the palm of your hand.

Select from different timeframes like 24 hour, 36 hour, 3 day, 7 day and 30 day. And see all conditions at once or select specifics, like EC and WC, to analyze just the data you need. Get full visibility on your production and continue to hone and optimize.

Trym’s Grow Log is where all the action’s recorded.

View a live stream of everything that’s happened in each room, like employee notes, measurements, completed tasks, and Metrc events. Look back at prior harvests and access lifetime conditions and activity to optimize future production.


Productivity impacts team morale and your bottom line. Assign your team tasks remotely, in advance, or on the fly while checking on plants. Employees will be notified of what they’re supposed to be doing each day.

That means less daily meetings and face to face checkins and more time for growing. Better team coordination means more ROI and less WTF!

Plan ahead and save hours every week! Create recurring tasks for work that needs to be done weekly or biweekly, like taking measurements or cleaning. Attach special instructions or SOPs to tasks. Filter your calendar or drag and drop tasks to move things around. Trym offers organizational and flexibility at your fingertips. to see. Effortless grow management at your fingertips.


Plant tracking doesn’t have to be a burden. Follow your plant growth and movement with ease.

Trym’s simple and clean design allows you to easily see what’s moving through your facility at any given time. Quickly  and easily create a planting, change the growth phase, or finish a harvest, and we’ll automatically track those actions in the Compliance tab.

And when you’re ready to tag flowering plants, Trym will automatically assign your next available plant tags. No scanning necessary. Simply upload your csv of tags to Trym and we’ll keep everything straight for you.


Cannabis data and business intelligence for a healthy competitive edge.

See each batch of plants the way you’ve always wanted with our cannabis analytics and business intelligence tool. A bird’s eye view that quickly gives you the relevant stats about your grow. Track active plants, harvests, and packaged products. Even forecast future yields based on historical data to take strategic planning to higher levels.

Quickly view details for each zone within your facilities, like the current environmental conditions, light schedule and status. See your conditions graphed over a 24 hour, 7 day, 30 day, or year time period.

Cultivators are well versed in tracking data. But how do we learn from it? How do we improve? We look to the past to review our processes and outcomes to make adjustments for better results. Our analytics are designed to do just that. With quick access to your cultivation data in one place, you can gain insights to improve your workflows, processes or environment.


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