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Bulk Bag Fillers

Hemp bulk bag fillers, or super sack fillers, package your hemp for bulk sale or storage. Now that the hemp is dry and won’t mold, and the stalks are separated and won’t compromise the integrity of the bags, they can be stored indefinitely and sold when prices make the most sense. Our bulk bag fillers have numerous convenient features for longevity and ease-of-use, are backed with 24/7 emergency service, and are Legal-For-Trade without the high usually associated with the certification.

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Our bulk bag fillers (BBFs) are stand-alone units that can be placed anywhere and can be purposed to fill several different types of packages including boxes, drums, and rigid totes. They come equipped with feature knife gates and standard stainless contacts, and optionally with a lift platform for easy inlet adjustment and bag handling. Lift platforms are especially useful when there isn’t enough head-space for a forklift above the unit.

One value-add we bring to BBFs is that we set them on legal-for-trade platform scales. Although these BBF’s come with load cells that accurately weigh the product they’re not “legal-for-trade” because the manufacturer application required for this certification is extremely expensive. By placing the units on certifiable scales, calibrated by ABM’s daughter company, A-1 Scale, governmental requirements can be met for less money. A-1 Scale certifies your scales and helps you file your registration paperwork, making your dealings with the state minimal and painless.


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