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Argus Control System

The flexible hardware and software of the Argus system can be used to solve almost any equipment automation problem.  Our main area of expertise is in the control of engineered bio-climates including greenhouses, growth rooms, research compartments, aquaculture facilities, conservatories, etc. Our customers are usually looking to automate as much of their facilities management equipment as possible, bringing everything together under a single integrated and unified command.

Automated control of all equipment used in protected environments to manage:

  • Temperature regimes

  • Humidity and VPD

  • Light levels

  • CO2 levels

  • Air exchange and circulation

  • Crop and building protection including snow loads, rain, and wind protection

Automated irrigation systems (indoor and field):

  • Intelligent, demand-based irrigation strategies

  • Water source and storage tank level management

  • Irrigation system capacity management

  • Evapotranspiration modelling

  • Water conservation strategies

  • Water quality monitoring and control

  • Crop moisture status monitoring

  • Water treatment and leachate recycling systems

 Nutrient control and monitoring:

  • Argus Multi-Feed nutrient injection systems

  • Automated control and integration of existing nutrient dosing equipment

  • pH and EC monitoring and control

 Aquaculture and aquaponics:

  • Custom instrumentation and automation for specialized equipment systems used for solids removal, chemical treatment, bio-filtration, protein skimming, gas balancing, turbidity, ammonia and CO2 removal, oxygenation/ORP, pH, EC/TDS/salinity, and disinfection.

  • Automated water handling including precision control of pumps, filters, flow rates, pressures, levels, temperatures and influent/effluent rates.

  • Aquatic environment monitoring and management including light levels, photoperiods, feeder controls, flow rates, and video image capture.

Bioresearch facilities:

  • Precision climate management for greenhouses, research compartments, growth rooms and growth chambers

  • Research instrumentation and data logging

  • Sensor multiplexing and sequential samling applications

  • Supervisory control integration with external models

Integrated energy management:

  • All types of greenhouse heating and cooling systems

  • Building HVAC

  • Heat buffering and CO2 stack recovery

  • Systems integration for conventional fuels, solar power, biomass, wind power, geothermal, waster heat, and combined heat and power generating equipment

Growth management:

  • Crop scheduling management through regulation of growth factors

  • Climatic manipulation of growth processes such as flowering and fruit production

Monitoring of indoor and outdoor environmental conditions including:

  • Air temperature, humidity, Co2 and PAR light

  • Water temperature, level, EC, pH, pressure, or flow

  • Soil temperature and moisture

Management uses:

  • Monitoring energy use and other inputs

  • Centralized equipment management of your entire facility.

  • Local and remote access via PC or mobile devices

  • Password protected access

  • Complete monitoring and alarms capabilities

  • Extensive data logging and graphical analysis

  • Full auditing of all user interactions


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