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AirMed Cannabis Management Software

AirMed is a mission-critical software platform designed to facilitate compliance and best practices for organizations operating in the legal market for cannabis in Canada. Covering all aspects of cannabis cultivation, processing, sale and distribution, AirMed is a complete seed-to-sale management solution.

AirMed is the only business solution you need in the office, the greenhouse and on the loading dock to help you meet compliance while creating the highest quality products.

Manage: Integrate compliance, workforce management, QMS, GPP, preventive control and more in a single application with features designed specifically for cannabis operations.

Produce: Track the plant life cycle from source material to harvest and extraction for complete cultivation and processing management to demonstrate compliance and produce consistent quality.

Control: QA test samples and laboratory results configured to your internal standards. Handle complaints using a ticketing system, and perform recalls with step-by-step verification.

Stock: Use strains and brands to define your inventory and
product catalog. Package for retail, producers, or distributors in discrete
units and bulk product with SKUs and GS1 barcoding.

Sell: Handle retail, medical and wholesale ordering with online registration, a shopping cart, coupons, returns, and payment processing through ecommerce integration.

Ship: Log receivables plus permits and waybills with full control of approvals of materials for use. Automate shipping to retail or wholesale with direct connection to couriers.

Report: Streamline compliance with automated reporting updated as regulations change. Dashboard analytics and hundreds of built-in reports offer unparalleled business intelligence.

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Shipping Policy

AirMed is delivered through a SaaS (software-as-a-service) model and is accessed solely through a web-browser interface. Because AirMed is a hosted solution, the application can be accessed from anywhere the Internet is available (or mobile data for phones/tablets), and no additional software is required. Contact us for a quote by calling 1-877-313-2442.