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25 L Cone-Bottom Storage/Mixing Tank


This stainless steel cone-bottom storage/mixing tank is designed to be used in conjunction with our BSP-1200 and ISP-3000 ultrasonic processors configured in the flow-through mode as well as in general liquid mixing applications. The tank incorporates an energy-efficient, easy-to-maintain magnetically coupled mixer with precise speed control and reversible direction of rotation. The mixer ensures homogeneity of processing and complete isolation from the outside environment without requiring any mechanical seals. 


  • Supported liquid volume: up to 25 L
  • Overall dimensions: 14″ wide, 29″ tall, 18 gauge wall
  • Bottom outlet: 1.5″ butterfly valved, sanitary, adapted to 1/2″ ID hose barb
  • Top inlet (return): 1.5″ sanitary clamped, adapted to 1/2” ID hose barb
  • Lid-mounted cover: 4″-diameter, sanitary clamped
  • Thermometer: analog, 1.5″ sanitary clamped
  • Sampling valve: 1.5″ sanitary clamped, adapted to 1/2” ID hose barb
  • Leveling: adjustable feet
  • Lid attachment: band clamp
  • Mixer: magnetically coupled, reversible with digital speed control
  • Wetted materials: tank body, lid, lid cover, valves, adapters, mixer body – 316 stainless steel; impeller, return lid fitting – PETG; impeller hub – 430 stainless steel; sleeve – PTFE; retaining screw – 18-8 stainless steel

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I use this storage/mixing tank for a process such as nano-emulsification, extraction, cell disruption or degassing?

Yes. Please keep in mind, however, that this tank may not be suitable for high-viscosity liquids, creams or pastes.

Q2. Can I use my own pump with this storage/mixing tank?

Yes. With this tank, you are not restricted to any specific type of pump.

Q3. Can I use this tank with you LSP-600 processor?

No. This tank is too large for the LSP-600 ultrasonic processor.  It is designed to work best with our BSP-1200 and ISP-3000 units.

Instructions and User Guides

BSP-1200 User Manual
BSP-1200 Peripheral Equipment Assembly Guide
ISP-3000 User  Manual
ISP-3000 Peripheral Equipment Assembly Guide


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